why gymsports?


It is a sport that benefits All Sports

Gymnastics provide a great foundation for ALL sports. Gymnastics develops strength, flexibility, balance, agility, and coordination all the skills are basic requirements for other sports like basketball, cricket, soccer, footy, volleyball, and tennis.

Example: The speed and running technique used to execute the vault is the same power & quickness needed to sprint during soccer, footy, and basketball. Whether you become a competitive gymnast or participate in other competitive sports, gymnastics gives you a great foundation to succeed!

It Teaches Persistence and Mental Toughness

Gymnastics is a sport that embraces resilience and determination. It’s a sport where athletes face challenges, fall, and then rise again to conquer their goals. Each time they fall or struggle with a skill, they learn the “power of yet”. Instead of giving up and saying, “I can’t do it,” they develop the mindset of saying, “I can’t do it yet.” This valuable lesson extends beyond gymnastics and applies to all aspects of life. It instils a positive outlook and teaches the importance of perseverance in achieving success.

Weather and Seasons are NOT a Factor

There is no need to wait for a gymnastics season, as it is a year-round sport. During your off-season from other sports, taking gymnastics training helps build strength and coordination, which is very handy while returning to that sport. Our centre is heated during the winter and Air-conditioned during summer

Social Skills and Life Lessons

Gymnastics builds confidence, and self-esteem while teaching commitment and dedication, these qualities breed success in the current stage and future. Movements and activities also increase spatial awareness. At TTGG we offer classes starting from 6 months old because we know that gymnastics is not just great for gross and fine motor skills but it also acts as great social preparation for kids. Learning safe landings, even learning to crawl in some cases. It’s also a wonderful one-on-one time with their caregiver.  Lastly, a child practices the art of focusing when remembering every detail that goes into a skill.

Get ready for a new adventure…

Get ready for a new adventure…