As a child progresses through this fantastic sport that’s a very common question many parents are plagued with. 

Every parent wants to support their child and see them grow but how much is enough?

Below are some tips from parents with many years of experience and we hope this helps you.

Be involved

Feel a part of the club and help your child enjoy every aspect of this sport. Getting involved by helping in club events, and doing a gymnastics judging course will help you understand the sport. Participate in club fundraising activities. If you run a business check out sponsorship opportunities to promote your service/products to our community.

Be part of the club yourself so that your child can see the importance of the club to you.

Support the coaches

It’s a good idea to leave the coaching to the coaches. Many of our coaches are or were gymnasts themselves and have been in the sport for a long time. The coaches are here to assist every gymnast at this club,  to attain their goals.

Ask questions

Approach your child’s coach if you have any training-related queries. If you are unhappy with the outcome/response please email the Gymsports manager on
 If your query is financial please see the member services team or email 

Celebrate your child’s victories

Remember to always observe and support your child. No matter how small the achievement boost your child’s confidence by acknowledging it.

Learn your gymnast’s goals

No matter what the level is, Gymnastics is a constant learning curve. Understand what your child’s goals are and applauding every goal they achieve and console them when times are tough.

Contribute to the discipline of the gym

Reinforce the need for respectful behaviour, attend all the sessions and arrive on timeReport any planned absences in advance through the iClassPro App and support the club rules and policies. Provide honest feedback by emailing us so that we can plan to improve our member experience. 


Be professional

Keep in mind that you play a very important role as you are also a representative of TTGG, so when you are at a competition, please do not approach any official, remember to not talk about other gymnasts and/or teams. If you have any concerns please have a discussion with your coach and not others they will then deal with it as they see fit. 

When you are in the foyer at TTGG these protocols should also be observed. Parents should only discuss their own children and if they have any concerns speak to the coach.

This is a snapshot of what it is like to be a parent of a gymnast. Be excited, keep your perspective on a wonderful sport, and remember….. What your child does is their very best at that time so keep your spirits high and approach positively.


General faq’s

What are the responsibilities of being a TTGG member?

TTGG members are expected to uphold the Code of Ethics at all times. We also ask that members represent and support the Club by attending events such as competitions, fundraisers and the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Where is TTGG located?

TTGG is located in the Banksia Park Sports Complex on Elizabeth Street. See the Contact page for more information on the location of the Club.

How much will it cost?
  • Each Gymsport is different with all members charged per term, with a sliding scale applied to fees based on the hours an athlete trains.
  • Competitive athletes are required to pay a separate registration fee and in addition there will be compulsory uniform and competition costs.
  • High-performance athletes with a lower athlete to coach ratio are priced on a sliding scale with a different pricing structure. 
Do you offer any sibling/family discounts?


Can we spectator-watch training sessions?

Yes, we have a small seating area in the Main Hall where parents, caregivers, and siblings may sit for the duration of the class. We ask that you do not video or photograph your child’s class without first speaking to the supervising coach.

What should my child wear to class?

Our recreation athletes can wear comfortable clothing with no zips or buttons ie. Leggings, shorts, t-shirts, leotards etc. Long hair should be neatly tied. No jewellery is to be worn. 

Our competitive gymnasts are required to wear appropriate attire as per their respective Gymsports and as requested by their coach. Competition leotards are not to be worn to training except when notified.

What should/shouldn’t my child bring to class?

Please bring a labelled water bottle. 

Please leave all your valuables at home, we are not liable for any loss of valuables such as watches, smart devices, phones, money etc. 

I would like to speak to my child's coach.

Any questions you may have for your child’s coach may be directed at the start or end of class if the coach is available. Parents are not permitted to enter the gym floor. If possible it is best to request a meeting time so that it can be planned into the training session.

Whom should I speak to if I have feedback about classes?

All feedback, both positive and negative, should be directed to the Gymsports manager. Please do not speak with coaches on the floor during class time as it takes away from the time they are able to spend working with the athletes.

What do I do if I am running late to pick up my child?

If you are running late, please call the Club on 8264 9867 so that arrangements can be made to supervise your child until you arrive.

Is the club open on a public holiday?

No, we close for Public Holidays and these days are not charged.

Is there any registration fee?

Non-Competition Gymsports have their registration covered in their term fees this includes Kinder Gym, Pregym and GFA. 

Competition athletes pays an annual registration and insurance fees, which covers your membership with Gymnastics Australia and Gymnastics South Australia.

It provides assurance that you are participating with an affiliated club of Gymnastics Australia for which there are high standards of qualification and compliance.

Your registration and insurance expire December 31st each year and is payable before commencing classes in the new year.

How do I know which class is right for my child?
  • Children under the age of 5 should attend our Kindergym/Pregym program before transferring to our Gymnastics for all (GFA) or Competitive stream. 
  • Anyone over the age of 5 can start with GFA classes they cater for athletes of all ages and abilities.
  • If anyone is highly interested in competitive gymsports they can trial for our national-level competitive program in Women’s or Men’s Artistic Gymnastics, Trampoline, and Tumbling. 
  • If you are currently in a general class and would like to transfer to a competition class, please speak to a senior coach and book your child for an upcoming national level trial.
What is the difference between the General Gymnastics (GFA) and competition classes?
  • Athletes that attend the general classes are taught with a recreational focus. They get experience on all the equipment and are taught a range of skills. These classes are designed to enable our athletes to have fun and get fit whilst learning gymnastics skills.
  •  The competition classes have a greater focus on advanced skill development and technical proficiency. In these classes, athletes work with highly qualified coaches to prepare them for competitions.
  •  While everyone is welcome to attend any of our general classes, athletes wishing to attend the competition classes join with a much higher commitment. 
Do you offer any classes for teens?

Our Club does not have specific general gymnastics classes for teens. You can log in to our customer portal to browse through the available classes. 

Do you have any classes for adults?

We offer adult classes on Monday and Friday evenings from 8pm to 10 pm.

I have contacted the office, but nobody has called me back!

We have minimal staff rostred during the school holiday period. If our phones are unattended, the call is automatically emailed to with your message as an audio file and your contact phone number as the file name. We will get back to you as soon as possible.  

When will my child be ready to move into competition Gymsports?

If a child shows potential for competition gymnastics you will be notified. If you feel that your child is highly interested in joining the competitive stream, we request you to kindly register for our next scheduled trial before the next term. 

Am I allowed to wear jewellery or hair accessories?

Anything that has the potential to cause injury should not be worn during training. This includes jewellery, piercings, and bobby pins (soft bands are acceptable).

Are athletes allowed to wear glasses during the training?

Normal spectacles that have not been specifically designed for sporting activities need to be kept in place with a band during training.

Do you have lost property?

Yes, we have a lost property bin in the locker room. Unlabelled items that are not collected at the end of term will be donated to charity. These items will be put out the front for a week prior to being donated.

Do you offer birthday parties or holiday programs?
  • Yes we host birthday parties on weekends where your kids can have fun in a safe and assisted environment. 
  • We also offer holiday programs during the school holidays. Please visit our customer portal to browse through our holiday programs.
Do you have toilet and change rooms?
  • Patrons (including members and parents/guardians) may utilise the bathroom or change room.
  • If a family change room or unisex bathroom is not available, parents/guardians are permitted to take children under the age of six to the bathroom of the parent’s/guardian’s gender.
  • For the privacy of everyone, the use of audio or visual recording devices, including a mobile phone camera, is PROHIBITED in changing areas, bathrooms or toilets.
Do we get makeup lessons for the missed class?

Only Kinder gym and Pre gym are provided makeup lessons upto two in 30 days 

What are national-level trials?

Our coaches assess children when they register their interest to participate in competition Gymsports. 

When your child gets selected our coaches determine which level they are best suited for and will suggest to you the expected days and hours of training required for that gymsport and level. 

This is a very exciting time for a gymnast as they begin to make new friends, train in the same environment along with higher-level athletes and most importantly learn new skills. 

Our coaches programs focus to encourage children to challenge themselves and work on perfecting skills rather than simply achieving them. Physical reparation/conditioning is the focus in every session and your child will be monitored to see how they adapt to the training sessions.
If required we may develop behavioral plans in consultation with parents for some athletes who tend to lose their focus and struggle to concentrate or listen to instructions.

information and faq specific to competition athletes

Welcome to the competitive stream program at TTGG

Why my child?

First of all, being asked to be part of a competitive stream is a privilege few children achieve. It is a responsibility that we at TTGG take very seriously. We currently have competition athletes in our Women’s Artisitc Gymnastics, Men’s Artisitc Gymnastics, Trampoline, and Tumbling programs who compete at national and international levels. 

Children who are invited into an TTGG competitive stream generally show certain attributes required for gymnastics including

– Strength

– Flexibility

– Confidence 

– Attitude 

Our coaches spend some time planning their program and assessing the most appropriate route for each athlete. Our suggestions are always based upon what we consider to be the best for your child. In addition your child will learn essential life skills, they will become fitter and may also develop friendships that last forever.

We would like to thank you for committing your time and effort to providing this wonderful opportunity to your child, being a part of our competitive program will be a fun and rewarding experience.
Please find our competitive stream parents’ information below, if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact our coordinators



Trampoline –

Tumbling –

Any other confidential information should be directed to our Gymsports manager –

Competitive program terms and conditions

All athletes accepting a position in competition Gymsports are subject to the following terms and conditions. 

Training Uniform

 All, athletes are required to wear appropriate training attire to all the classes. 

All competition athletes – No jewellery or watches, and long hair must be in a bun. A drink bottle is a must to all training activities.

Boys – Close-fitting singlet/t-shirt with gym shorts (no pockets, stretch fabric), if they prefer to wear a leotard it should be along with the gym shorts or tracksuit pants.

Girls – A crop top and bike shorts or leotard with or without bike shorts.

Trampoline and Tumbling athletes – In addition to the above requirement tramp athletes are expected to wear clean socks.

WAG & MAG athletes require to wear gloves and loops for training on the metal bar (please check with coach). A set of loops can be purchased from our customer portal or can be sourced from our front office, cotton gloves are to be sourced from your local supermarket. They also require guards which the coach can size them up for and these are available online for purchase. An instruction sheet with the details will be provided.


Competition athletes should maintain a minimum of 90% attendance rate for training sessions. 

Athletes should attend all scheduled classes in the two weeks prior to any competition, including across school holiday periods. Athletes who fail to meet this attendance rate may not be able to compete due to safety reasons.

Holiday training

Competition athletes are expected to attend school holiday training sessions and to meet the above conditions. Our competition term starts from the beginning of the school holidays to the end of the school term and is billed in your term fees. 


All athletes are required to commit to all the training days as set for their levels. If an athlete wishes to drop one class from the required weekly classes for their level this can be discussed with the coach, however noting that this will impact on the athlete’s progression. Changing training days can be requested and is subject to availability of classes on offer. All athletes are required to commit to all the training days as set for their levels. 

Athletes will attend all the regional competitions set for their Gymsports with country or interstate competition attendance encouraged. 

Competition Parent Duties

Each competition clubs are required to provide volunteers to assist with the running of events by Gymnastics SA. This is a requirement of all competition families at Tea Tree Gully Gymsports Inc to offer assistance. Some duties will require parents to have a Working With Children Clearance.

Details of required duties will be provided in advance.

What if my child doesn’t win?

Winning is not everything, we always aim to assist your child reach their goals. Our decision regarding your child’s training is based on what helps them to progress and master their skills; we focus on improving execution and consistency, it is not always about winning medals. 

They will be trained hard and encouraged to challenge themselves to achieve the best they can. If you have any queries regarding your childs training, please seek clarification from your child’s personal coach. 

Travel and accommodation costs

Our club has an annual budget for competitions however on occasions where coaches and judges are required to travel and stay overnight any costs above and beyond the budget shall be divided equally among the gymnasts entered. This cost is additional to any competition fees and may not be known until the travel bookings are made. The club will make all attempts to cover these costs through fundraising events and grants.

Heat Policy

As our facility is fully air-conditioned we do not cancel classes due to heat.

Private Lessons

Unfortunately, we don’t have any private lessons at this stage. This is something that is in discussion.


Competition fees paid may be considered for a refund only when a medical certificate is provided to Gymnastics SA within 14 days prior to, or after, the competition date. The medical certificate must cover the date of the competition. The medical certificate is required to be supplied to Tea Tree Gully Gymsports no later than 7 days after the competition date, as TTGG will apply for this refund on behalf of the athlete. This refund must be obtained from Gymnastics SA before we can refund the monies on your account. Please note there is no refund for change of mind entries as per the GSA competition refund policy.

Food & Drink

No food is to be consumed within the gym.

All athletes must bring a plastic water bottle to every class. Water can be purchased from our vending machine if you forget.

Due to safety concerns athletes are not to use the kitchen unless in the company of a parent or staff member.

Classes that run for 3.5 or more hours will be given a quick snack break part way through the class. Athletes must bring a healthy snack i.e. fruit, vegetable sticks, light sandwich. Lollies, chips and chocolate are not appropriate.

Start and Finish times

Please ensure to arrive in time to participate in all warmup activities. It is essential to ensure all gymnasts are physically and mentally prepared for their activity. 

For safety reasons only gymnasts and staff are allowed into the gymnastics arena; parents may watch from the viewing area.

There is ample parking just a short walk from the gym. Parents should pick up their children from the foyer area, as Gymnasts are dismissed from class within the gym. 

It is the parent’s responsibility to come inside to pick up their child and not wait in the car park.

Please request your child to wait inside for you. Children should be advised to contact the office or their coach if nobody arrives to pick them up.

Late pickups can have an impact on our staff and such delays can delay their trip home or may lead to cancelling their other commitments.

What does the future hold for my child?

There are so many factors to take into consideration and gymnastics is a complex and difficult sport so it is difficult to predict.

However, if your child does gymnastics because they love it, they will always be a winner, no matter what happens.

 What we do know is that gymnastics offers a lot more than fun and fitness. In addition to the health benefits and success at competitions, gymnasts have an opportunity to learn leadership skills at a very young age by becoming a coach. From the age of 14, a gymnast can start with their beginner’s accreditation and learn the process of coaching at the club. These are life skills and will help them no matter which field they choose to pursue their career in. Above everything, you will also get to see your child grow into a well-balanced, fit, happy, and healthy individual who will be able to cope with the many pressure’s life presents them with.